Friday, September 14, 2007


I am tired, worn down. School is hard dangit. I have been barely holding it together, the kids, soccer practice and games, the primary program coming up this Sunday, I have sharing time this week as well, I have had one paper and one pop quiz, lots of reading to do, the stress of having a professor ask the definition of plot (I know what it is, but I have a hard time with definitions when put on the spot, I always have), husband, work, my second job doing urine collections (I'll save that blog for another day), etc.

Plus, how do I stay on top of homework over the weekend when I am supposed to work, clean the house (with the whole family {I don't want Harold thinking I was implying that I clean it myself}), help my mom (which I was supposed to do Thursday, but was too tired to do), prepare my talk that I give before the primary program (about 2 minutes long, no biggie), prepare sharing time (I may just do a video), etc. etc. Is there anybody out there who can give me some advice on how to juggle this mess?

Thank goodness it is date night, I need a little breather. We are going to dinner with the bishopric tonight so that will be interesting. I guess Harold is technically part of the bishopric since he is the exec. secretary. It's a good thing that everyone there already knows I am a bit of a grouch. If not, they will find out soon enough. :)

Happy weekend!


mom said...

I've wondered how you would do when everything starts in and the "honeymoon" is over. You probably have already done this but just keep a good daily planner of things to do and do the priorities. Keep a little house day by day and never go to bed without things picked up from that day. Little by little hopefully, you'll see the results. Good luck
and have fun with Abbie/Scott and Dale on Sunday. I guess Dane has been invited to Bridget's parents house for dinner.

love Janet

Jeanna said...


Thanks for the tips. I try to get a little done every day, with the help of the kids, so it is a slow process but the house isn't too terrible. Unless you ask Harold and he will tell you what a pigsty it is.

Wow, I didn't know Dane was going to meet the parents. I saw him on Monday and he sounded like he was enjoying himself. I'm glad and look forward to meeting her myself.