Sunday, September 23, 2007

More than words

I sit here not dressed, not showered and my teeth are fuzzy. It is 1:50 p.m. As a child you never think this kind of inactivity would bring you joy, but oh the joy I feel at this moment. It sure has been a nice day. I have been looking forward to it all week, lying in bed until I absolutely cannot lie there any more. In fact, the only reason I got out of my bed was because my friend Karen stopped by, bringing me gifts from a recent quilt fest she attended. Thanks Karen! Plus Karen delivered a really scholarly looking jacket that didn't fit her any more. I must admit, I think my new jacket will look very impressive on campus.

Harold just left for his meeting, his last bishopric meeting with our bishop. I don't know what today's changes will bring, but I am pretty sure we won't have the same bishop. I cannot describe to you the feeling of heaviness this brings me. I have had some really great bishops in my day, some really great ones. But this bishop has been an anchor for me and my family. He is an amazing person, so down to earth. He has been fun, loving, helpful and empathetic when things have been hard for us. I will miss him, so, so much.

When our ward split last time, one of the ward boundaries was our street. The people who lived across the street were no longer in our ward. You know what, we never really saw those people again. Maybe at Wal-Mart, or at the mailbox but that was it. Our lives weren't intertwined in that meaningful way that ward members are intertwined with one another. I think those people will be back in our ward again and I don't know a soul who lives over there. Now, in my defense, we have townhouses across the street. Our literal across-the-street neighbors total 16 townhouses, quite literally right across the street from us. So, it is hard to keep up with their comings and goings.

This may sound stupid, but I have to tell myself that I know the church is true, no matter what happens. I hope and pray our bishop is as meaningful to us as this last one. Bishop Ballard, I know you don't read this blog, but if you did I would want you to know how much we love you. You have been an influence for calm in our lives. Your quiet love and acceptance of us and all our quirks and faults has been steady and unfailing. Thank you.


mom/Janet said...


I know from Bill's experience when he was Bishop, those expressions of gratitude from members meant alot. If you get a different Bishop I suggest you drop your Bishop a note and tell him what he has meant to you and your family. Be sure and let us know what the whole outcome is. My thoughts are with you.

Brent and Collette said...

What a great post. It made me think of all the great wards I've been in and now miss. The Douglas ward is definitely a learning and growing experience, for a variety of reasons. The only thing that keeps me going sometimes is that I know the church is true. I never thought I would really have to rely on that testimony to get through a Sunday. Hope everything turns out well, and you love your new ward just as much!