Wednesday, September 12, 2007

This one's for Jeff

Today while getting ready for school I decided on a simple t-shirt and some gray velour pants. (It's not as bad as it sounds.) I asked Harold whether or not the pants looked like they were supposed to be capri length or if they indeed looked like they had shrunk after purchase, which they had. Harold said, "You look kind of casual." Okay, is it just me or isn't school a casual affair? I am not going to Harvard in the 1940s. Has it been so long since Harold has been on a college campus that he forgets what it is like? Oh wait, Harold works on a college campus. But, he works at UoP where they are "business professionals." They come directly from work to the classroom, so of course they are dressed nicer than at a regular day school. So, again, Harold made me feel as if I was somehow violating the honor code by being so casual. Harold, if you are reading this (apparently Harold does not read my blog as often as he should) what the heck? Are you trying to make me feel like my intelligence level is somehow lower than your average bear? Okay, maybe that wasn't politically correct because I know bears are reading my blog and I don't want to offend any of my close bear friends.

Let's see: At school today I had a pop quiz which I didn't fail but I came very, very close to failing. Lame. The teacher wanted to test us on whether or not we remembered the details of the story. Mostly it was T/F but there were a few one-word answers as well. Here are a couple sample questions: What did Nick eat for dessert on his first night? Nick had trouble sleeping, T/F. Nick put the fishing hook through the crickets head and out through his abdomen, T/F.

Am I going to one of the world's finest universities? What kind of questions are these anyway? I am so attuned to having to focus on Feminist, Marxist, etc. interpretations of texts that I am not really eyeing the minutest detail. So, I am a bit bitter and when the teacher suggested that he may let us drop a quiz, I assured him that I thought that was an excellent idea.

Another interesting tidbit about today happened in Biology. We were talking about protons, neutrons, and electrons. How the P&N's make up the nucleas and how the E's are in the shells around the atoms. Two electrons make up the first shell but then each shell thereafter requires 8 electrons to make it a "happy camper" (my professor's words, not mine.) He was referring to the fact that the positive and negative forces of the P's and E's needed a balance so they are stable and don't need to find another type of atom to attach themselves to. A girl in the class was completely baffled. The professor explained again and asked if she was clear, she was not. I wanted to yell out, "Did you read the text?" Hello!!!! Some other guy wanted do know why two oxygen atoms attach and how come it can't be three. Because two oxygen atoms are "happy campers!" DUH! They are like a happily married couple, they are completely content on eachother and don't go looking for a third party to make themselves happy. Okay, those are my words, maybe I should teach the class. :) Yea, right.

So, this entry was just for Jeff, who protested the fact that I was foreshadowing my own phasing out of blogging daily. Jeff, I hope this entry satisfies.


Wyatt & Brittany said...

The joy of college... I always loved those teachers who felt it was important to help redeem the mindless students by asking simple questions that were below the well educated student's realm. I'm serious, sometimes I needed those simple questions to help boost my grade because sometimes the course just didn't "click" for me.

Abbie said...

You are so funny. Why can't I be funny like you? What I hate is when my students question what I tell them saying, "But I thought it was this way" and then I start questioning whether I really know what I'm talking about or not. Hmmm.

Jeff said...

Wow!!! I feel so honored! Thanks for giving me my daily blog fix. Always a pleasure to read.

Jeanna said...


you are welcome. I like to write, so it was a pleasure for me to.