Friday, September 21, 2007

I told you so

I have had many inquiries and now I need to tell you officially: I missed two pop quizzes on Wednesday. Do the math. Two classes=two pop quizzes. What are the chances?

I don't want to say I'm bitter, although I am. I don't want to say that I should have known better, because I did.

That isn't all. My foray into skipping class also got me into trouble with Dale's mom for being a bad influence, since he was with me. But, in my defense, I am pretty sure that Dale was not skipping class, I was just being a bad example. Sorry Janet. But, again in my own defense, and not to totally out Dale or anything, but I am pretty sure he has skipped class before and not because of anything I said or did. Sorry Dale, I didn't want to take the bullet on that one.

I am off to do a few drug collections. They are "random" tests this time, which is always fun. I get to ask three unsuspecting employees of a local store to pee on demand. I hope they can, because it's Friday and it is date night and I got myself some plans. Double date with Matt and Julie tonight. We haven't doubled for so, so long. I am way excited as both M & J are hilarious and fun. So, is it too much to ask for these people to pee quickly and without a trace of marijuana, cannabinoids, amphetamines and methamphetamines? Please don't test positive, I haven't got the time!


mom/Janet said...

I hope you could read the humor in my post about you missing class. I was totally joking. I'm sure Dale has skipped classes before. He's a big boy. Anyway, just wanted to make sure you understood that I was joking about being with Dale. He however plans his lunches with Harold and is not spontaneous like you were. I'm sure you enjoyed yourself. Hope you can make up for the missed quizes. You'll just have to work harder on your other assignments.
Have a great date. I'll be nursing Bill after surgery. All went well.
love ya

Brent and Collette said...

Oh man!!! Isn't that how it goes?! Hope you had fun "collecting" and on your date. Happy weekend!!

Abbie said...

It's not a lot to ask people to pee on demand... a little strange perhaps but they should know that it's coming. I hope they weren't positive....