Sunday, September 16, 2007

Bundle o' nerves

Harold and I went to bed last night around midnight and as I was going to sleep I told myself that this was the ONE day this week where I could stay in bed until at least 8 a.m. I would get 8 hours of sleep, or more if I was tired enough. Well, at 6:30 I awoke and haven't been able to get back to sleep since. Why? Today is the Sacrament Meeting Primary Presentation. I did not have to write the program, I did not have to pass around parts (due to being out of town that weekend in Boise), and the talk I usually give has been reduced to about 1 minute (excellent!). So, why am I a bundle of nerves? Every year this happens, I get so worried about how the program will go. Will the kids sing? Will the parents be pleased? This year my biggest worry is that the kids won't remember when they are supposed to stand. Why the heck do I care? If they don't stand up when it is time, someone will gently remind them. But for some reason this is freaking me out. Okay, Jeanna, breathe. One big cleansing breath in through your nose, now breathe slowly out your mouth.

Yesterday we were on moving detail. Harold helped my sister Amy and her husband Justin move from Sandy to I think West Jordan. I was at my parents helping my mother put away knick knacks into curio cabinets. I had the easier job, I'll admit. When Harold was done we went with my parents to R.C. Willey to scope out an entertainment center and a new television. Even when Harold worked at RCW we never bought furniture there. He had a pretty decent discount as I recall but he was on straight commission of 5% and we were barely scraping by at the time, so no extra cash for new furniture. They found some stuff they like but they are thinkers, ponderers. They had to go home and picture the items in their house. So, no new purchases. Which is too bad because being there when someone else drops that amount of money down on new stuff is almost as exciting as doing it yourself.

I wrote my talk for the program when we got home and put together a game for sharing time, a review of the past year so far. Today will be a good day. Even though I get completely tied in knots before the big program, the kids really are amazing and bring a spirit to sacrament meeting that is unsurpassed. Now, if I can just get my stomach to understand what my logical brain already knows.

We are going to Abbie and Scott's for dinner tonight. What a great relief that this dinner date fell on the same day as the program. It will be so nice for me to go somewhere else for dinner and just relax. Thanks Abbie and Scott (and Dale)!


mom said...

If you have what Abbie told me last night that you're having, you're in for a treat. IT is soooo good. And, you can't beat the company. Thanks for all you do for my kids. Why don't you plan a trip to the Pacific NW again and come to our house. We'll feed you well. Bill's an outstanding cook.
Hope all went well with the program.


Abbie said...

Yay! It was so much fun to have you guys over. I love hosting events. Maybe I should become some kind of a party planner. Ha. Nevermind. Too much stress.

Anonymous said...

Jeanna you crack me up!! I loved the part about inhaling the cleansing breath...I've really been working on that one lately with my 2 busy boys stressing me out. yes, it can happen. I talked to Julie the other day and she passed on your blog spot. Its just what I needed.:) We practiced for our primary program yesterday and Broox is actually singing a solo. I am an emotional mother throughout the whole program. The kids really do bring tears to your eyes. Anywho, I am a new fan. Love, Katie McGiven (i sure hope you remember me)

Wyatt & Brittany said...

I hope that everything went well with the Primary program. As I'm sure it did....

I'm so jealous that you get to get dinner invitations.... I'm wondering what you had to eat? Perhaps the Cafe Rio Salad that Scott made Abbie? It looked really good!

Good luck on school this week! May there be NO pop quizzes!