Thursday, August 16, 2007

1.4 pounds

I gained. I did. No big surprise there. The biggest surprise was that it wasn't more. So, as Karen said at weigh in last night, "A modern-day miracle happened here tonight." Yes, Karen, it did! I bought a box of peaches last night and am planning on eating those until I am stuffed. They are so sweet and yummy, grown on a local farm here. Yes, peaches are a core food.

Today is Grandma B's 87th birthday. Sav and I are going up to celebrate with her while I leave Mack behind. He is such a boy. He wouldn't appreciate lunch out and a birthday celebration if it doesn't involve gifts consisting of dart guns. Plus, he has cub scouts today and we don't want him to miss that.

The kids and I got our hair cut yesterday. I love my hairdresser. Is that the politically correct way of saying that? How about stylist. I love my stylist. I have yet to style my own hair so wish me luck.

Yesterday's primary activity Book of Mormon Water Blast was a lot of fun. The kids love anything to do with popsicles and water. At the end we had an "Epic Battle" where we had waterguns against water balloons. I got soaked. It really is fun for me to "let my hair down" (although it is much shorter so that isn't really possible) with the primary kids and just enjoy myself. And, they really like nailing me with waterguns. All the other adults sat out the epic battle which is too bad because I loved it.

I am desperately trying to get some pictures put up, but I'll be honest, putting up pictures of my kids on the internet makes me nervous. So, maybe all the pictures will be of me. Not as fun, but safer.

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