Saturday, August 11, 2007

Stress level...

So, it seems that my stress level has everything to do with my eating habits. Shocker. I have had a tough summer and just when I feel like things are getting under control I go and overeat on pizza and some carmel bars. I had a bad day with regards to work which I will not go into the details about. I could have used this bummer of a day to really tell myself how lucky that I am going back to school and that one day I will be able to have a job that I really enjoy. But instead I was bugged, irritated and practically irate and used all that stress to order pizza and make a bad-for-me dessert.

I mentioned to Harold yesterday that I had a blog. He said, "Yeah, I know. I had to find out when someone emailed us to congratulate you on it." Oops, forget to tell Harold before I told anyone else. Sorry hon! Sometimes I forget to tell you things, but I am betting you forget sometimes too?

Today we are going up to Amy and Justin's for a swim and BBQ. We are excited and glad to get away from the house, but not before some serious cleaning goes down. I have been awake for almost two hours, and Harold has been asleep. But as soon as he wakes up the cleaning rampage begins. It is that time of the week that the kids and I dread the most. Why does cleaning always involve screaming, crying, pouting and fits? And I am NOT necessarily talking about the kids.

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Burgandy said...

Well that was how it was for us when we were growing up. I actually don't have that problem when I ask my kids to clean. It is done a little bit each day. Like the kids bathroom is done on Friday or saturday. Vaccuming is done on Monday, kitchen is cleaned daily only because I don't ever want to see ants or cocroaches(sp). Downstairs bathroom is done when needed, and laundry is done on Tuesdays. I don't have a strict cleaning schedual, I know it is going to get dirty and so I just take it as it comes. As far as your weight loss, that is great. I on the other hand have still not lost any weight. So I am glad that you are successfull.