Monday, August 27, 2007

Good stuff, bad stuff

Good stuff: I logged onto BYU's site today to see if I could get some OFFICIAL notice about being let back in for fall 2007. I found a placed called 'tuition statement' and guess what? They are billing me $1920. So I'm in, for sure. They want my money and that is a good sign. right? :)

Bad stuff: I feel sick to my stomach (overeating). But, I think I figured out my overeating problem has been for this past week especially. I am on hormone replacement therapy because of my surgery back in December. Being on HRT is by my choice. I am worried about not taking it and I am worried about having to take it for the next 20 years. So, I have been trying to dose myself so that I feel good and can keep the estrogen level up w/o taking the pill every single day. So, this past week I think I took the pill once or twice. Apparently this is not enough because yesterday I was down, down, down in the dumps. I couldn't figure out why until I looked at the HRT pill box and realized. I have had this happen before, I get low on hormones and I get depressed. Luckily it only takes me a few days to figure it out and then I can redose and feel better a few days later. But I need to be on top of this. Depression feels bad and I usually overeat when I am depressed. So, even though this is starting to sound like another excuse to me, I know it is a legitimate one.

Last night after eating at a friend's house my son decided that turning the hose on and dousing his friend with it was a good idea. Three kids came in the hose sopping wet. Another three got put to bed immediately and my two sat staring at me. The one because he was dripping, cold and feeling super guilty....the other because her friends had been sent to bed and didn't have anyone to play with. It was actually pretty funny and my friend was pretty glad it happened because she was sick of her kids anyway and she was handed the perfect excuse to put them to bed on a silver platter. Thanks Mack!

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Abbie said...


So glad to find your blog! Your going on my faves. CONGRATULATIONS on getting into BYU. I seriously can't wait to see you there! We will meet for picnic lunches while the weather is still nice. Now we can have our "girls lunch out" except I can't spend money so it will be more like Girls Picnic Lunches. Scott and I were trying to figure out what WW meant. I keep thinking world war... but that just didn't make sense. Ha! Anyways. My mom is on WW too... I bet you guys could always talk about things. Maybe she'll leave comments. She loves looking at blogs. AND I know Jill Holyoak because she was my trainer in the mission. Small world when you're Mormon. We're in Hawaii now so be sure to be checking back for photos and stuff. :)