Saturday, August 25, 2007

School, anxiety

So I guess I was admitted back into BYU. I haven't received the official letter yet, but I cheated and went online and tried to register for classes. I wasn't able to add anything a couple of weeks ago and the system told me I wasn't admitted. Then yesterday the system let me add classes so unofficially-I am back in baby!

Thursday and Friday went a little better for Mack. I offered a reward for staying in school all day on Thursday, a McDonald's ice cream cone, which he received. Then on Friday he had a party to go to in the evening so I told him he had to go to school all day to go to the party. He went to school and was totally looking forward to the party. Then about half way through the party he came home suddenly. He was stressed out again and worried that he was going to throw up. Harold and I had to go through the "possible, probable" scenario that we have recently learned. We ask him, "Is it possible that you could throw up? Is it probable?" We did this questioning with several of his anxieties, i.e. throwing up, breaking a bone, getting bullied. I am starting to get worried about him. Harold and I have learned a lot lately about anxiety disorders and how to deal with them so I hope that we can help him ourselves without professional intervention. I want to go to the school counselor, but Harold says that the problem with that is that if we go, then Mackson might start to think he needs to see a professional for answers instead of us. I know this sounds weird, but Harold is more of an expert on the mind of an anxiety-ridden person than I am, so I am going to trust him and we'll see where it goes.

Today is the celebration for mom's 60th party. I am excited about the gift I am giving but don't want to talk about it until after the party. I need to remember the pictures this time so I can post a few.

I would offer a Happy Saturday! to you all, but unfortunately I have nothing but cleaning ahead of me for the next several hours so I am bummed. I have always hated Saturdays for this reason.


Janet said...

guess who Jeanna - - it's Janet.
Remember me? Well, you know my kids and so I think you'll make the connection :) Thanks for all your good meals to them btw Abbie said you're set to have them cook for you the middle of Sept. Good for you. I found out about your site by reading your comment on Blaine and Angie's. So, I'd like to talk to you about WW I went back again in May and I'm struggling with the same 6 lbs is all for right now. It's comes off and then goes back on. I have 35 to go. So, maybe we could be mentors to each other. Let's e-mail - I'd like to hear more about you going back to school. my e-mail is Hope to hear from you

Brent and Collette said...

Hey! I found your blog from Blaine and Angie's! I hope we can be blogging friends:) Good for you and school. That is so exciting. You are looking so good. I scrolled through until I found pictures! Just wanted to let you know I'm around and I will be lurking, and leaving some comments:) Check out our blog at