Sunday, August 26, 2007

The party

We had a lot of fun with Mom and Dad at Mom's party last night. It was VERY low key but it sure is nice to get together. I gave mom and dad the gift "The Top 60 Reasons We Love Mom (and in Dad's case The Top 60 Reasons We Love Dad) on Her 60th birthday." They both seemed to really enjoy reading what the siblings wrote and hopefully the book will bring them some joy as the years go by.

This weekend I got hooked into some of Harold's extended family blogs. So, a shout out to Devan and Jackie, Collette and Brent, Blaine and Angie, Mike and Kathy and even Janet! I will of course be lurking on their sites as I find blogs so much more fun to surf than anything else on the internet.

Our whole family fell asleep watching a video last night. I woke up at 4:30 a.m. on the futon with a horrible backache, went up to bed, still didn't sleep well until about 45 minutes before I woke up and the deep sleep put me into a major fog. So, I am feeling a bit slow this morning.

I have some serious confessions to make in regards to WW but I am not sure I am ready to make them yet. Suffice it say, I have eaten this past week like I used to. I even had one day last week where I didn't feel good. It was the same type of feeling I used to get every day almost, the one where my sense of overall well being was gone. This week has been a good reminder as to why I follow WW even when I am not losing and only maintaining. I like having the sense of well being, of eating to live and not living to eat. But, I guess the 20 year habit of living to eat has been rearing it's ugly head.

Happy Sunday to all. I do enjoy Sundays, they are busy but this kind of busyness beats a Saturday cleaning jag hands down. By the way, Harold got into a "de-junking mood" yesterday. (His words.) He was throwing things out right and left. He kept asking me, "Do you use this?" "How many of ________ do you need?" And my personal favorite, "Can I throw this out?" and when I respond by saying NO he says, "Okay, how many times in the past month have you used it?" So I lost it and told him "If you are in a de-junking mood, then de-junk your own stuff and leave mine the heck alone!" Good times.


Jeff said...

I still love reading your blog. It's one of the highlights of my fact I'm actually thinking of entering the crazy world of blogging myself....but I don't think I would have that much to write about. My life is a little on the boring side. We'll see.

Brent and Collette said...

Your last comments about Harold de-junking made me laugh. I seem to do that to Brent quite a bit. I'm a little more lenient...have you used this since we got married 3 1/2 years ago? No? Its going to good will:) I'm glad we've been discovered. Now I'll link you!!

Blaine & Angie Hamblin said...

Good luck to you on your continual battle. I'm glad to know that I'm not the only one struggling, physically and mentally. Babies are the most wonderful things, but why can't they take all the weight with them when they come into the world and not just the cute stuff and leave the ugly stuff for mom? Your blog is hilarious, I look forward to checking it often.

Janet said...


This might get us reconnected (if we ever were) I hear about Herald all the time from Dale and about his Sunday dinners with you and the family. He loves you both to death. I so relate to you and eating and self worth etc etc etc. I'm with youon the WW cycle. I'm thinking "gee too bad we're not closer and could talk" but that could be a disaster in that it would draw us both down. We need to lift each other up. Don't think it goes away with age. I refused to have weight issues when I turned 50 and sure enough I'm still longing for that 25 year old figure Bill loved. Okay enough. I'd love to see some pictures. Abbie is bugging me to start a blog but I'm not sure how interesting it would be. I'll give it some thought.