Tuesday, August 14, 2007


For FHE last night we drove to SLC to see mom and dad at the condo the Sipes own. It was a nice place. It was directly behind the Conference Center so the view was really nice. The kids swam and Harold and I spent the time talking with mom and dad. It is kind of strange having them live so close, but it still seems like it isn't real. I am sure that once they are in their own house with the furniture I recognize it will sink in that my parents actually live in Utah.

Today the kids and I are accompanying mom on a birthday present shopping trip for grandma B. I bought some jeans last week for Sav but she insists they are too tight so we have to take them back and get a different brand. By the way, those jeans weren't too tight. I think she is used to wearing baggier clothes and when things actually fit they feel "tight" to her. This frustrates me but I am trying to look at it in a positive light. I am hoping this means she has this inherent need to feel covered up and modest and that I won't have to deal with that particular problem while she is a teenager. So at this point I am looking forward to a modest teenage girl in my house that likes to talk back and give me a constant dose of cheek. (One of my favorite Scottish idioms.)


Holley said...

Jeanna, I love your blog! I am so proud of you for fighting the good fight in your battle with the bulge. As you know I too am right there with you fighting as well. I can so relate to giving yourself too much permission to eat the bad stuff as a sort of comfort. I have been doing great on a low carb no sugar diet, but I went on vacation and totally let myself pig out on the carbs. I was proud of myself though that I stayed sugar free and I didn't gain any weight back, but am not as far a long in the loss as I could be. I really love bread even more than dessert if that is possible. But it will not be my downfall. Stay with it! I know you can do it!

Jeff said...

Okay. This is really fun. Almost better than television!!!! I really enjoy reading about your lives.....not sure what that says about me....but oh well. Keep it up! I need the entertainment!