Tuesday, August 21, 2007

First day of School

Today was the first day back for the kids. Last night our son was completely stressed out about it and could not sleep. He was crying and carrying on. I feel bad for him but I not quite sure how to help. Of course the first day was not nearly as crazy as he thought it would be and he seemed quite happy when he came home today. Our daughter was a little miffed that in 6th grade they do not get morning recess, just a "break" where they have five minutes in the classroom or bathroom to take a breather. Guess what? That's life sister! They are honing her for next year when there will be no breaks except for lunch.

As for me, on their first day back.... I worked a little extra and then took a 2 1/2 hour nap. Yes I did. It was nice and I really had to force myself up at 2:45 to take a shower. I was so out of it. Naps aren't usually my thing because I rarely feel rested afterwards and am so groggy and grumpy I am better off pushing through the tired and waiting until nighttime. I have also had some serious trouble sleeping lately. Our bedroom is too dang hot and downstairs where we have a futon has better temperature control but I wake up with a serious backache. So, can't sleep upstairs and can't sleep downstairs, quite a quandry.

Tomorrow is the big 6-0 for my mother. Crazy. This means I am fast approaching 40 (only 2 years to go). I remember when my dad turned 40, we had a big party for him and I remember thinking how old he was. Sorry dad, you weren't old, I was just young and stupid.

I still haven't heard from BYU about admittance for fall. I am anxiously awaiting a letter in the mail. I can't get financial aid going until I get an acceptance letter so that is a bit distressing since I can't pay for tuition without financial assistance. My neighbor goes to BYU for work and she might be able to carpool with me and that is sounding super nice right now. A buddy to drive in with and she has better parking privileges than a mere student would get. I can pay for half the gas and we both benefit, I hope.

Mom and dad signed for their house yesterday and I am counting the days until I can go there and cook. That kitchen is a dream, so much counterspace I will never be able to look at my kitchen in the same way.

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