Thursday, August 23, 2007

Refrigerator, anxiety

Okay, I had to empty out the refrigerator for the second time in a month and take the food to two different locations, one for freezer food and one for fridge food. I was so, so bitter about it last night. Apparently there is some part of our refrigerator that is broken that helps the fridge keep from freezing up. Mom is going to let us have her old fridge from Hathaway Court. Thank you Mom and Dad! What a blessing.

Mack has been out of control anxious about school this year. Crying, not sleeping, making himself literally sick (with a cold) and stomachaches. We have had to reassure him a lot and he still called yesterday for me to bring him home. I am crossing my fingers that he is going to stay at school all day today. I wrote a note to his teacher explaining the situation and hopefully his teacher will be able to help reassure him. One of the school secretaries told me that 3rd and 5th grade are typically the hardest years for students, the ones where they get the most anxious. I was glad to hear he was normal. Sav never had much trouble, other than not wanting to take responsibility for missed assignments. Hmm, wonder where she gets that from?

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Holley said...

Parents are the best! They always come through. Glad that you've found a solution for your refrigerator issues and congrats on the weight maintenance! Loved the pictures of you, Savannah, your Mom and Grandma! You are 4 of the most beautiful and stylish women I know!! Hope Harold is feeling better.