Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Red Vines and popcorn.

Yes, I did it. I overate last night and feel absolutely disgusting this morning. But, can I just say? I big shout out to Jeff who made me feel like less of a food monster by sharing his forays into the underworld of binge eating. Thanks Jeff, you made me feel better already.

Tonight is weigh in-which will not exactly be one of my finest moments. My friend Karen, who goes with me to WW, and I are going to start fresh on the Core plan again. I really do enjoy Core. No counting, lots of fresh food. After feeling so sick this morning I am ready for a change.

Last night instead of seeing the Nancy Drew movie with the girls we ended up seeing Evan Almighty. There is the obligatory dog in the crotch scene, which apparently Hollywood thinks we haven't seen enough of yet. And, like poop in the brownies the rest of the movie was pretty darn good. My favorite part was when God was telling Evan's wife, "When we pray for courage, does God give us courage, or the opportunity to be courageous? When we pray for patience, does God give us patience or the opportunity to be patient?" What a great reminder to me. When I pray for strength to overcome my weight problem, the temptations will not be taken away but when I exercise my ability to say no I am pretty sure it will get easier and easier to say no. Instead of food I need to try that word around in my mouth for a while. Eat that! No, No, No!

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