Friday, August 17, 2007

More on the gallbladder

Harold got the call, his test came back "normal." It was the nurse that called and basically that was all she said. So, we have no idea where the pain came from. The ultrasound said there was sludge in the GB, so the pain most likely was from there, but apparently it is not diseased, as previously thought. Very, very interesting. This is good news as this means no surgery for Harold.

Yesterday's birthday celebration had the wind knocked out of it as Grandma wasn't feeling well. The recent fall with subsequent break to her wrist had her feeling sore. We didn't go to lunch and we had to cancel the party that Jamestown was throwing for her. I know this was probably a huge bummer for her, as she loves to have all the attention. Instead Mom, Sav and I hung out with grandma, doing her laundry, cleaning her up (mom did that) and watching her eat her lunch and nap. After the nap the three of us sang Happy Birthday and ate birthday cake. When I asked grandma how old she was she replied, "78?, or 80? or 79?" When I told her she was 87 she was shocked. "87?????" then she shook her head in disgust. It was pretty funny.

I didn't eat the birthday cake. I was super strong. Then on the way home I was starving because I only had 2 peaches so far that day and it was 4 p.m. So Sav and I stopped at Panda Express and I ordered the chicken/mushroom/zuchini thing with water. Then from there I had to wrestle the box of leftover cake (which I had insisted we don't take home with us, but it ended up in our car anyway) away from Sav who was trying to help me on my diet. But I gave her a dirty look, told her she should never keep food away from me and grabbed the dang box. I took one bite, handed the piece back to Sav who politely said, "No thanks." What? I have 1 bite and now you won't take it back? Harsh. All in all, yesterday could have been better because leftover cake is a huge weakness. Today, two peaches so far, but I am going upstairs to have some scrambled eggs right now so the protein will hopefully make my tummy full and happy.


Holley said...

I'm so glad that Harold does not have to have surgery! Thanks for looking after Grandma. Do you know if she got the flowers that I sent? I hope she did and that it cheered her up a little bit. I know about that cake weakness it's mine too!!! What did we ever do to deserve these curses! Sometimes I feel like we were evil in the pre-existence. I can't believe I would choose to have some of these food addictions. But I guess it's better than alcohol or drugs! Keep up the good work. I'm praying for all of you. Holley

JN said...


Grandma got the flowers you sent and was thrilled. She talked about it several times, how you are the grandchild that always remembers her. She was really grateful and happy about it. Thanks for reading the blog!