Friday, August 10, 2007

Gallbladder update, etc.

So, since I have received calls in regards to Harold's gallbladder, here is an update: Harold was afraid to eat all day Thursday but we had a dinner appointment that night. So we had a nice meal with the Carson's (a nice couple from our ward). The meal was pretty low-fat so I wasn't too worried about Harold. He ate and didn't have any pain. He is feeling pretty confident that he can eat fat because I (mistakenly) offered to have pizza tonight (date night). He was eager and I remembered and said, "Okay, maybe that isn't the best idea." Harold wasn't caring, so we are having pizza. Tomorrow's gallbladder update might include another ER trip. Stay tuned....

As for WW: Yesterday wasn't my best day, not my worst either. The dinner was fine, but I got home and was feeling like I needed a dessert. Why? I have no idea. I crave sugar in the evenings. So I had some cold cereal and the kids ended up making brownies. The brownies were overbaked but did I care? No! I ate some anyway, overdone and icky. But, since my WW week resets on Thursdays I had some wiggle room for crappy food. Tonight is pizza, as I said before, and I am planning on eating it. I have some more points for non-Core foods so I will use a bunch tonight. I am really, really liking not having to count everything I put in my mouth.

As for my familia: Sav babysat today and made a whole $15. She wants to open a savings account. She wanted to know how much they cost and how often she could withdraw. She is her mother's daughter. Mack is taking to ignoring my request that he shower every day and it is gross. He smells like a boy and even though there is part of me that thinks that is cute, the largest part of me is sickened by having essentially a wet dog in my house.

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